Pharmacy Benefits

Any member enrolled in a Florida Blue medical plan will have their pharmacy benefits provided through Express Scripts. Members enrolled in the UF Health plan will continue to have their pharmacy benefits provided through Magellan Rx.

Who is Express Scripts?

Express Scripts is the new pharmacy carrier JPOFFHIT implemented for members enrolled in a Florida Blue medical plan on July 1, 2020.

Have my pharmacy copays changed if I have a Florida Blue plan through the Trust?

Yes. Your pharmacy copays have changed for the better. Your pharmacy plan now fills generic medications (Tier 1) at a $0 copay.

The brand preferred medications (Tier 2) remain a $40 copay and the brand non-preferred medications (Tier 3) remain a $75 copay.

Pharmacy Copays Before 7/1/2020Pharmacy Copays After 7/1/2020
Generic (Tier 1)$10$0
Brand Preferred (Tier 2)$40$40
Brand Non-Preferred (Tier 3)$75$75

Can I have maintenance medications delivered to my home through a mail order vendor?

Yes, you can get maintenance medications filled through a mail order vendor and take advantage of a copay discount. If you currently receive medication through Florida Blue’s mail order service, your prescription information will transfer over to the new vendor and your next scheduled refill will come from Express Scripts.

You can find more information about how to setup a new mail order prescription here.

Mail Order Copays Before 7/1/2020Mail Order Copays After 7/1/2020
Generic (Tier 1)$20$0
Brand Preferred (Tier 2)$80$80
Brand Non-Preferred (Tier 3)$150$150

Will my diabetic supplies and medications remain a $0 copay?

Yes, diabetic supplies and medications will continue to be $0 copay to any member enrolled in a Florida Blue plan.