Pharmacy Benefits Change to Express Scripts

The Jacksonville Police Officers and Fire Fighters Health Insurance Trust (JPOFFHIT) has negotiated with our current benefit plan vendors to allow some plan changes to better serve you, our members. Starting July 1, 2020, any member enrolled in a Florida Blue medical plan will have their pharmacy benefits provided through Express Scripts.

Express Scripts was able to offer significant savings over our current arrangement and we are pleased to pass along some of the savings to you with this mid-year change in the form of decreased copays. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and video below should provide a better understanding of the changes.

Who is currently managing the pharmacy program for JPOFFHIT's plans?

Florida Blue members currently have their pharmacy benefits offered through Prime Therapeutics, while UF Health members have their pharmacy benefits offered through Magellan Rx. These vendors manage the prescription drug formulary, which determines which drugs are covered and the tier assignment.

Who is Express Scripts?

Express Scripts is the new pharmacy carrier JPOFFHIT is implementing for members enrolled in a Florida Blue medical plan.

Does this change apply to the UF Health Plan?

No, this change does not affect anyone enrolled in the UF Health plan. You will continue to use your current ID cards and prescription drug programs through Magellan Rx.

Will I have to change my current prescriptions?

Any prescriptions you or your family members are currently taking will not change.

Will I receive a new ID card?

Yes, you will receive new ID cards in a welcome kit similar to this. The ID cards will include the subscriber’s name, JPOFFHIT’s name and logo, and your new group number and pharmacy plan information.

Be sure to provide this ID card to your local pharmacy so they may update your insurance information the next time you get a prescription filled. Each family will receive two ID cards in the welcome kit. You can request additional ID cards or access electronic ID cards through your Express Scripts account after July 1.

What else is changing with my Florida Blue plan?

Nothing is changing with the coverage, copays, or costs under the Florida Blue medical plans. You will keep your existing Florida Blue ID cards and continue to use them for physician visits, urgent care, diagnostic testing, and other medical needs. Your prescription drug costs will continue to apply to your out-of-pocket maximums for the 2020 calendar year.

ID card icon

Still haven't received your new Express Scripts ID card?

That's OK! You can access a digital version of your new ID card by registering on Express Script's website or mobile app after July 1.

Will my pharmacy copays change in any way?

Yes. Your pharmacy copays will change for the better. Your pharmacy plan will now fill generic medications (Tier 1) at a $0 copay.  This change allows us to offer JPOFFHIT members the same trusted coverage for pharmacy, but offer savings to our members on the drugs they may already be taking on a regular basis.

The brand preferred medications (Tier 2) will remain a $40 copay and the brand non-preferred medications (Tier 3) will remain a $75 copay.

 Current Pharmacy CopaysPharmacy Copays as of 7/1/2020
Generic (Tier 1)$10$0
Brand Preferred (Tier 2)$40$40
Brand Non-Preferred (Tier 3)$75$75

Can I have maintenance medications delivered to my home through a mail order vendor?

Yes, you can get maintenance medications filled through a mail order vendor and take advantage of a copay discount. If you currently receive medication through Florida Blue’s mail order service, your prescription information will transfer over to the new vendor and your next scheduled refill will come from Express Scripts.

You can find more information about how to setup a new mail order prescription here.

 Current Mail Order CopaysMail Order Copays as of 7/1/2020
Generic (Tier 1)$20$0
Brand Preferred (Tier 2)$80$80
Brand Non-Preferred (Tier 3)$150$150

Will my diabetic supplies and medications remain a $0 copay?

Yes, diabetic supplies and medications will continue to be $0 copay to any member enrolled in a Florida Blue plan.