Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Using Your Florida Blue Medical Benefits

Will I receive an ID Card?

By now, you should have received your new ID cards as a member of the Jacksonville Police Officers and Fire Fighters Health Insurance Trust. If you have not yet received a new medical card, digital ID cards can be accessed and downloaded to your mobile device from Florida Blue.

Example of what a Florida Blue ID card looks like

My ID cards don’t list my family members. Does that mean they aren’t covered?

Your ID cards will list your name as the subscriber and can be used for any family member enrolled in your plan. Your spouses and dependent children will not receive ID cards with their names on them. You can see all covered family members through your JPOFFHIT benefits portal or by logging in to your Florida Blue account.

Florida Blue assigned me a Primary Care Physician (PCP) when I enrolled in the HMO plan. What does that mean?

Your Florida Blue HMO plan will automatically assign you to a PCP based on your ZIP code but you are not required to see that PCP. If you wish to assign your preferred PCP to you and your family member’s profile, you can do so by logging in to your Florida Blue account, or calling the Member Services number on the back of your ID card.

My doctor says I need to have them assigned as my PCP or I need a referral before scheduling appointments. Is this true?

Florida Blue HMO plans do not require you to see your assigned PCP and do not require referrals to see specialists. You can seek care from any in-network provider in the Blue Care HMO network and Florida Blue will pay the claim. If your provider is turning you away from care or canceling appointments due to these claims, please call JPOFFHIT Benefits Support at 800-978-0632 so we can help.

What a virtual visit looks like through the Teladoc app

Does my Florida Blue plan cover virtual visits?

Yes, all three Florida Blue plans offer virtual visits through Teladoc. Teladoc can help with many common illnesses such as cold, flu, sore throat, allergies, sinus infections, and more. Teladoc provides access to board-certified doctors and is available 24/7 and 365 days a year via web, phone, or mobile app.

Phone: 1-800-Teladoc
Apple Store Mobile App
Google Play Mobile App

Have a question not answered in this FAQ?

Reach out to your JPOFFHIT Benefits Support team at 800-978-0632 or email

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