1/09/2020 Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Open issues
    • Update on WBD
    • Administrative Coordinator
    • Investment strategy
    • Retiree opt out
    • Audit
    • Administrative actions (Shirts)
  • New business
    • Communication plan to members
    • Implementation of health care plan
    • COJ RFP (new RX contract)
    • Sunshine training
  • Adjournment

Meeting Minutes

*If any person decides to appeal any decision made with respect to any matter considered at this public meeting such person will need a record of proceedings, and for such purpose such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made at their own expense and that such record includes the testimony and evidence on which the appeal is based. The public meeting may be continued to a date, time, and place to be specified on the record at the meeting. Additional items may be added / changed prior to meeting.